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What is Realzim eSociety?

Realzim eSociety

Realzim is a location-based SMART (Safe, Meaningful, Relevant, Accountable, and Trusted) Engagement, Network that brings people together for things that really matter. It enables meaningful interactions by placing utmost value on privacy and ownership of your digital assets. Built on the fundamental tenets of safety, trust, and accountability. Realzim is an online intensifier and a positive enabler where one person can make a difference by being real. It is a next generation platform that further evolves from being social to being engaged in purposeful ways.

The Six Segments of Realzim eSociety

Realzim replicates different aspects of our life in an online portal where you find relevant and contextual information under six categories namely: My Living space, Marketplace, Environment, Needs and Benefits, Town Hall, and Companies & Groups. These segments cater most of our day to day needs as members of a society without leaving the network. This engagement network also provides you with opportunities for giving back to the community by making real contributions as volunteers, mentors, leaders, and much more.

Realzim is the first to offer a global SMART Citizen Card™ and introduce ZIM Factor™ - an online credibility score for people by utilizing their time purposefully. Based on one trusted, unique global digital account, an individual can now harness the power of internet and go beyond sharing to caring - across the neighborhood, city, country, or globally. It bridges the gap between people, institutions, businesses, and governance by bringing them all under the same umbrella. Realzim is all about Real People, Real Purposes and Real Connections!

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