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About Realzim

Welcome to Realzim eSociety!

Realzim eSociety is the future of social interactions. It is a network that brings a paradigm shift in the ways we treat the online world and allow it to treat us.

Through social networking sites, people all over the world get to interact, exchange ideas, share knowledge and information. However, they encounter myriad of issues due to anonymity and lack of credibility. We believe there is an urgent need to focus on authenticity in the online world. Lack of credibility and accountability has given rise to all kinds of problems in the online world.

Realzim eSociety is a credible online society that has been built on the foundation of trust with following six values:

  1. 1. Being Real
  2. 2. Privacy and Trust
  3. 3. Collaboration
  4. 4. Openness and transparency
  5. 5. Knowledge sharing
  6. 6. Interdependence and Integrity

Our vision is to generate a different behavior pattern for conducive positive interactions. Our platform connects people and communities from all over the world in a safe and secure environment. It is an avenue for those who want to do something purposeful with their time and make a positive difference in the world by their unique gifts and talents.

Through Realzim e-Society we intend to break down barriers to information, sharing, capturing knowledge, and expertise thus helping people to connect for things that matter. We believe in collective intelligence where people from all over the world can concurrently develop, integrate, and apply their knowledge in various aspects of life. Realzim brings the 21st century collective mind for purposeful interactions. Realzim is all about Real People, Real Purposes, and Real Connections!

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